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elenzia Pure CBD User Guide

The current CBD phenomenon has taken the holistic wellness sector by storm. In the UK, over 2 million people are suggested to supplement CBD daily, and a further 6 million have thought about joining them. But why?

The reasons for supplementing CBD vary due to its positive influence on health and wellbeing. With its ability to bring the body to an aligned state, CBD’s suggested therapeutic effects on our mental and physical health have got us all reaching out for that meditation in a bottle.


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elénzia Launches Pure CBD – An exclusive nature identical CBD

PRESS RELEASE – January 2021

elénzia launches a new and innovative solution for CBD. An exclusive, first to market nature identical CBD you can be confident contains zero THC – for trusted quality, potency, and purity to elevate your CBD experience.


The Problem – Confusion within the CBD Market

CBD isolate, Broad spectrum CBD, Pure CBD containing less than 0.3% THC are confusing terms. The CBD market can be confusing even for the everyday user, not to mention a new customer looking for the right product.

CBD products can be difficult to navigate when searching for assurance of quality, potency and purity whilst still ensuring that you feel a positive benefit in your well-being from taking it. Much uncertainty around supplementing with CBD has been down to traces of THC – the psychoactive cannabinoid that forms along-side CBD. And there are many other plant substances present in an extract that could be affecting the safety of your CBD product. When CBD is extracted from a plant, it is hard to maintain the same quality and strength from crop to crop, which will deliver varying quality and the purity of your CBD experience. Therefore, by supplementing using a pure CBD, you can help secure your CBD experience and feel at ease with your wellness.

The Solution – elénzia Pure CBD

elénzia Pure CBD is an exclusive nature identical CBD you can be confident contains zero THC. The creation of elénzia Pure CBD through organic chemistry in comparison to the extraction of CBD from plants makes 100% quality, potency, and purity possible.

Those who supplement CBD, do so to support their health and well-being. From supporting the reduction of anxiety to alleviating joint pain, research suggests that the therapeutic effects of CBD are ever growing.

CBD is one of over 100 cannabinoids that grow within the cannabis plant which differ in variation from crop to crop. All cannabinoids have similar structures and therefore can bind with our inner receptors, but not all have positive effects, neither have they been researched enough to know what effects they may have. However, the two which make up the largest majority are CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, and THC, which is short for tetrahydrocannabidiol. Since CBD is therapeutic and THC is psychoactive, the CBD supplement market concentrates on doing its best to separate them before reaching the end product, however research often finds unwanted traces of THC, or other plant substances contaminate CBD through the extraction process negatively effecting the purity of your CBD experience.

Natural CBD can also vary in quality and potency from batch to batch due to it being plant derived and all plants are not uniform.  External factors like weather, soil nutrients and environment alter the conditions in which the plant is grown. Due to this, the cannabinoid content in plants will vary which could affect the efficacy of your CBD encounter.

A solution to ensure the quality, purity, and potency of your CBD supplement, guaranteeing there are no traces of THC and that the efficacy is of the same high standard from bottle to bottle, is to supplement CBD created through organic chemistry. Organic chemistry is when science replicates a natural compound, for example, a plant extract that is then replicated through science in a clinical environment. elénzia Pure CBD is created through organic chemistry within a clinical controlled setting, the Pure CBD molecules are an exact replica of CBD grown in plants but without the risk of  unwanted substances that may cause a negative experience.

When first starting to supplement with CBD your journey should be gradual and requires you to amend your dosage steadily. With an exact potency novel application method, the new and exclusive elénzia Pure CBD makes it a perfect solution for both the new and master CBD user, making it possible to choose the right dosage for you and the flexibility to change your potency levels from just one product.

elénzia Pure CBD allows you to personalise your CBD journey with confidence, ensuring quality, purity, and exact potency in every drop, across every bottle, every time.


ABOUT elénzia

elénzia is a family led brand house for high‐class, scientific solutions for health, beauty and wellness. With the mission to improve our customers’ lifestyle and benefit their lives for the future, elénzia was founded with the vision of bringing elegant, innovative scientific solutions for health, beauty and wellness to life. From our technical background in the health and cosmetic industry and after years of using an array of products ourselves, it came to our attention that there are innovative scientific actives that mass market brands do not employ. elénzia has the dedicated time to provide our customers with exclusive, scientifically proven products that will leave them feeling and looking exceptional.




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