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Written by elénzia’s Sales Manager, Jodie Harris   Summer 2021 is a celebration for the aesthetic and beauty industry for varying reasons: We will (hopefully) be out of lockdown Your clients are going to be back in full swing having regular treatments With summer 2021 fast approaching clients are wanting to feel and look better […]
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Written by elénzia’s Sales Manager, Jodie Harris


Summer 2021 is a celebration for the aesthetic and beauty industry for varying reasons:

  1. We will (hopefully) be out of lockdown
  2. Your clients are going to be back in full swing having regular treatments

With summer 2021 fast approaching clients are wanting to feel and look better than ever. 44% of women and 48% of men have put on weight during lockdown meaning that getting into summer wardrobes has made clients more apprehensive than ever. There are a few reasons for this – working from home, stress, lack of sleep and mental wellbeing.

A survey of 8000 people reported that 53% of adults and 58% of young adults feel worse about their appearance and body image from lockdown. This means that cellulite and Fat Freezing treatments are predicted to be on the rise for summer 2021.

“International research company GlobalData predicts non-invasive and minimally invasive fat-reduction procedures to be a $1.1 billion industry by 2022, as patients are prioritizing in-office treatments with minimal downtime over surgical solutions.”

Fat Freezing and Anti-Cellulite Treatment Trends 2021:


This uses cool temperatures to break down targeted unwanted fat cells. It means that the surrounding structures of the skin are not affected.

Radio Frequency (RF)

This is one of the most effective ways to treat cellulite through neocollagenesis – the RF heats existing collagen cells to kill them and create new collagen. A course of 4-6 is usually required.


This is a non-invasive way to destroy the fatty deposits that cause the ‘lumpy’ effects of cellulite.


Professional Treatments: Make your treatments 18 times more effective!

One of the frustrations for both practitioner and client when treating cellulite can be the length of time it takes to achieve results. Adding the Endor Technologies® Celltense™ serum to your RF and Ultrasound treatments is clinically proven to achieve 18 times better results through by-passing the neocollagenesis stage of the treatment. When using the Celltense™ serum and RF, the synergistic effect activates multiple cell receptors in the body at one time increasing the natural production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin. Therefore fresh, new collagen is produced instantly after one treatment, meaning that you can provide your clients with visible improvements after just one treatment instead of waiting for a minimum of 4 to start to see the results. Simply massage the Celltense™ serum into the skin before the conductive gel and carry on your treatment as normal.


A clinically proven homecare regime is VITAL!

80% of a client’s results come from what they do at home coupled with in clinic treatments – this is why homecare is SO important.

So what do clients need to do at home to make sure they are getting the best results from their fat freezing and anti-cellulite treatments?

Homecare tips for clients to get faster, more efficacious results from Fat Freezing and Anti-Cellulite Treatments

Rule Number 1 – Aftercare is key!

For Fat Freezing (or any fat reduction treatments) use the Endor Technologies® Firming and Body Shaping Cream twice a day in-between and after treatments

For Anti-Cellulite treatments use the Endor Technologies® Anti-Cellulite Cream twice a day in-between and after treatments

Rule Number 2 – Hydrate!

Drink at least 2 litres of water per day to flush out toxins

Rule Number 3 – De-stress!

Avoid stress as it produces insulin within our body which causes fat and sugar retention within our cells

Rule Number 4 – Brush your body!

Body brushing improves circulation and stimulates lymph flow, always remember to brush towards your lymph nodes

Body Care

The Endor Technologies® Anti-Cellulite Cream has a new, innovative mechanism of action that uses Nano Gold Technology to increase firmness in the skin making it more resistant to the deformations caused by cellulite. The Anti-Cellulite Cream works by stimulating the body’s cell receptors to increase hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen production. Clinical trials on 23 volunteers over a 28 day period showed a 31% reduction in cellulite volume, 22% reduction in area of cellulite and 17% reduction in dimple diameter along with a 7% reduction in skin roughness. This is perfect to enhance not only your results in clinic but also to be used at home to speed up results for clients used in conjunction with in clinic anti-cellulite treatments.

Clients who are having Fat Freezing treatments should combine these with homecare using the Endor Technologies® Firming & Body Shaping Cream. This miracle cream contains a high content of marine ingredients along with the patented Nano Gold Technology, targeting adipocytes that visibly reduce thighs, abdomen and arms. Clinical trials show that after 28 days your customers can see as much as  -19.2% reduction in the abdomen, -1.6cm in abdomen diameter, -0.9cm reduction in thigh diameter and -0.6cm reduction in arms.

The Endor Technologies® professional and homecare products will make sure that your clients achieve the very best results when it comes to cellulite and body firming treatments this summer.



For our summer offer we are giving all of our aesthetic clinics 10% off their next order to help boost your body treatments. The offer is valid on the Celltense Serum, Anti-Cellulite Cream and Firming & Body Shaping Cream until 30th June 2021. Use code b0dy21 at checkout or contact me to create your professional account.

Please feel free to book a call or visit with me to find out more about the Endor Technologies® Aesthetic and Skincare range by elénzia. Email me at

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