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The new, innovative way to fight against cellulite and signs of aging with outstanding clinically proven results. The Endor Technologies product range provides high-class at home skincare including anti-cellulite creams and anti-aging creams, as well as medical serums for aesthetic professionals to increase the efficacy of radio frequency treatments, making them 18 times more effective.


The Science Behind Endor™


Aging provokes complex changes on the skin that have already been described by current science. Through a decade of medical research at Endor we have developped a full product collection, Endor Technologies ®, to deeply improve wrinkles, flaccidity, lack of luminosity and cellulite appearance.

All the products are free of parabens, sensitive preservers, artificial colouring, emulsifiers and agresive surfactants, pesticides, mutagenic or reprotoxic substances, skin irritating alcohols, sulphides, formaldehydes, nitrosamines, butylated hydroxytoluene, methylisothiazolinone and others. None of our products is animal tested.


The Complete Range


For Professionals

Non invasive adjuvant serum that boosts and accelerates radiofrequency treatments efficacy in skin firmness and the appearance of cellulite.

Skin Care

Visibly reduces the appearance of dimples and roughness of the skin. Smooths and tighten the skin.

Face Care

Intense reduction of the appearance of the signs of aging such as wrinkles, loss of elasticity and pallor.