For For The Active 55 Year Old And Above

The combined bio-mechanistic functions of the specific ingredients within elénzia Enhance™ contribute to supporting the neurological functions most susceptible to brain age deterioration.



The ultra-light molecular weights of French grape and North American blueberry extract target the hardest to reach area within the brain responsible for memory. It is here where they actively improve the plasticity of signalling pathways in the deepest area responsible for the transference of chemicals containing messages.

Preventing Cognitive Decline

The combined functions protect the sensitive areas of the brain prone to oxidative stress. This prevents deterioration by boosting the production of neuro growth factor proteins and prolongs the lifespan of healthy neuronal cells slowing natural brain age decline.

Attention and Focus

By ensuring that sufficient cellular synthesis is maintained, the frontal lobe area of the brain vital for psychological functions is able to sustain high levels of adequate attention and reinforce the ability to focus.




The Science




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