For Working Professionals

The combination of bio-active ingredients within elénzia Enhance™ provide a flow of nutrients and necessary compounds essential to sustain the simultaneous neurological functioning when faced with multiple tasks and  various stress factors.



elénzia Enhance™ boosts the production of the powerhouse within cells known as the mitochondria, which increases the levels of the chemical required for the transference of energy, reducing any decline in the efficiency of the surrounding cellular production.

Focus & Attention

By ensuring that sufficient cellular synthesis is maintained, the frontal lobe area of the brain vital for psychological functions is able to sustain high levels of adequate attention and reinforce the ability to focus.

Prevent Cognitive Decline

Specific ingredients protect the sensitive areas of the brain prone to oxidative stress. This prevents deterioration by boosting the production of neuro growth factor proteins and prolongs the lifespan of healthy neuronal cells, slowing natural brain age decline.




The Science




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