Innovative aftercare and treatment enhancer for ablative laser treatments



Ablative laser is widely used in dermatology and aesthetic medicine to treat anti-ageing and acne scars. After the treatment, the skin is damaged and inflamed and one of the most severe side effects is post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation that usually occurs in the treated area. Lasergen, by Endor Technologies, is an innovative new aftercare treatment for post ablative laser treatments making the results more effective. It keeps the skin protected and moisturized enhancing its recovery, it is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and improves the reduction of acne scars compared with isolated laser, making the skin appear more uniform, youthful and healthy.


  • Improves post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation by 32%*
  • Reduces pigmentation intensity by 17*
  • Reduces acne scar volume by 8.5%*
  • Reduces redness and irritation by 5%*
  • Cares, protects and nourishes during regeneration

*vs. the current market gold standard product


Includes gold particles and hyaluronic acid technology patented by Endor Technologies to improve the firmness of the dermal tissue and increase the skin healing process.

Without colouring agents or sun protection factors to avoid irritating the skin affected by the clinical procedure.

Free of parabens, sensitising preservatives, colouring agents, emulsifiers and aggressive surfactants, pesticides, mutagenic or reprotoxic substances, alcohol that could irritate the skin, sulphates, formaldehyde, nitrosamine, phenol, butylated hydroxytoluene, butylated hydroxyanisole, isothiazolinone and more. None of our products are tested on animals.

Product Specification
  • On the first 15 days after the procedure, the cream can be used as often as needed to keep the skin comfortable. Three applications per day are usually enough. After the first 15 days, application can then be reduced to twice daily, morning and night.
  • Start using the cream 24 hours after the clinical procedure.
  • Incompatibilities: No incompatibility with any kind of product has been found.
  • Adverse effects: Stop treatment if you notice any adverse effects. If the effect persists, check with your physician.
  • Precautions: Do not apply on damaged or irritated skin. Avoid contact with the eyes and mucus membranes. For external use only. Keep away from children. Do not use during pregnancy or while nursing.


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Scientifically Tested Efficacy

In a clinical trial compared to standard treatment under medical supervision in 25 volunteers, Lasergen outperformed the standard treatment in three essential aspects after a clinical procedure:

32% Average reduction in post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
8% Average reduction in the volume of acne scars
5% Reduction in redness

All our products pass through rigorous efficacy studies in a hospital environment and under medical supervision. Impartial instrumental measures demonstrate that the products are effective and their results are extremely visible. None of our products are animal tested.


The pictures have not been retouched or modified in any way.
Clinical study performed at the Instituto de Fotomedicina del Centro Médico Teknon.

How To Use Lasergen

Gently massage the product onto the face.

Do not use until 24 hours after the clinical procedure.

For the first 15 days, three applications per day are usually enough, but it can be used more often if needed to reduce skin irritation. After the first 15 days, applications can be reduced and the cream should be applied morning and night.