The Power of Protein for Women Over 40

Embrace the power of protein! From preserving muscle strength to boosting bone health, protein is our secret weapon in our journey to youth.
By elenzia / February 01st 2024 / Nutrition

As we gracefully navigate the journey beyond 40, embracing our wellbeing becomes paramount. Protein, a vital macronutrient alongside carbohydrates and fats, takes centre stage in promoting our optimal functioning as we age.

For women beyond the 40s, our protein needs are unique, and understanding this empowers us to make informed choices for a thriving and fulfilling later life. The recommended protein intake for adults is 0.75 grams per kilogram of body weight. However, recent research suggests that for those of us in the golden age group, 1 to 1.2 grams per kilogram per-day might be more beneficial.

But why is protein so crucial?

When we consume proteins, they transform into amino acids, often referred to as the “building blocks” of our bodies. Interestingly, there are nine essential amino acids that our bodies cannot produce, emphasising the importance of sourcing them from our diet.

Age-related muscle loss often leads to weakness, decreased mobility, and a potential decline in the quality of life. It’s at this juncture that sustaining an adequate protein intake becomes imperative, not just for muscle maintenance but for overall wellbeing.

Resistance training, a powerful ally in aging healthily, works hand in hand with protein. Together, they maintain muscle strength, a cornerstone for independent living. And it’s not just about muscles; protein plays a pivotal role in bone health. Preserving our bone density becomes essential to reduce the risk of fractures and ensure a high quality of life. For women, especially post-menopause, the emphasis on protein is heightened, as it can contribute significantly to improved bone density and mitigate the risk of osteoporosis.

As we navigate the intricate journey of ageing, ensuring good health takes precedence. Protein, with its many benefits, becomes a cornerstone in this pursuit. Whether through maintaining muscle mass, supporting bone health, or promoting overall well-being, protein proves to be indispensable in our goal to age healthily.  

elénzia PROTEIN™ is crafted with rice and pea protein peptides pre-broken-down for easy digestion, ensuring your body absorbs the full protein content. This innovative solution offers a complete amino acid profile without compromising your dietary preferences. Whether you’re on the go or savouring a moment blended into your morning coffee, elénzia PROTEIN™ stands as the perfect choice for optimal protein intake, tailored to the unique needs of women navigating the beautiful journey beyond 40.

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