3 Tips for Alleviating Stress & Achieving Optimal Health

Too much stress can negatively impact our body, mood, and behaviour. Therefore, it is vital for our wellbeing that we achieve balance in our lives by actively taking strides towards wellness and stress management.  
By elenzia / April 28th 2023 / Lifestyle

April is Stress Awareness Month, and the theme for this year is #ACTNOW. 

Stress Awareness Month was created to raise awareness of the current stress epidemic, with a staggering 41%* of Brits saying they felt stressed out on any given week.

Too much stress can negatively impact our body, mood, and behaviour. Therefore, it is vital for our wellbeing that we achieve balance in our lives by actively taking strides towards wellness and stress management.  

Here are our top 3 tips for alleviating stress and achieving optimal health:

Tip 1: Make Time for Mindfulness

Mindfulness involves being aware of our thoughts, feelings, and environment. This can help us to be more present and connected to our lives. It is not a new concept; it has roots in Ancient Eastern and Buddhist philosophy and dates back over 2500 years.  

Research has shown that mindfulness can help people cope with stress, anxiety, and depression. Those who practice mindfulness in their daily routines experience many benefits, such as enhanced overall wellbeing, stress relief, improved cardiovascular health, reduced blood pressure, mitigation of chronic pain, and better sleep quality, as well as having positive effects on gastrointestinal health. One method to cultivate mindfulness is to engage your senses and actively immerse yourself in your surroundings, allowing yourself to appreciate the little things that bring you happiness. It’s also important to accept yourself and treat yourself with kindness. When you feel negative thoughts, take a moment to focus on your breathing. Close your eyes and breathe deeply, concentrating on the sensations of your breath moving in and out of your body. Even just a minute of sitting and breathing can help you feel more centred and calmer.

Tip 2: Move More, Stress Less

Exercise is essential for a healthy mind and body and is associated with several physical and mental health benefits. It releases endorphins, which can help to reduce stress and elevate your mood. Try to keep up with a regular workout routine. A study carried out in 2019 found that group and individual workout sessions can reduce stress. However, only regular exercise had a favourable effect on lowering levels of the primary stress hormone, cortisol.

Remember, you can mix your workouts up depending on your mood! Perhaps you could try to combine mindfulness with exercise by finding a guided meditation to listen to the next time you go out for a stroll.

In addition, exercising with others can help with overall wellbeing with additional social benefits. For instance, joining a local running group, Yoga or Pilates class can offer the opportunity to meet new people or work out with friends. A study found that working out in a group lowered stress by 26% and significantly improved their quality of life.

There is also a knock-on effect of stress on our sleep habits. Regular exercise can also enhance your sleep quality and reduce feeling tired. Sleep plays a significant role in stress management. A lack of quality sleep can increase stress levels and make it harder to manage stress effectively.

Tip 3: Nutrition is Your Key to Inner Peace

Eating a healthy diet nourishes the body by providing essential minerals and vitamins. It can also improve mood, boost energy, and lower the risk of chronic health conditions. And like exercise, nutrition also interlinks with other aspects of wellness.

As mentioned earlier, sleep is vital to our wellness; in fact, 67% of people in the UK believe that a good night’s sleep is crucial. Setting the mood and creating a peaceful bedroom environment will help to support your sleep health.

Eating a balanced diet with healthy habits can lead to a happier lifestyle. Supplementation can play a role too. For example, supplementing with Cannabidiol (CBD) has multiple clinically-proven health benefits such as pain relief, mental wellness, aiding anxiety, promoting sleep and creating balance.

In 2019, a study found that out of 229 CBD users, the main reason for using CBD was pain relief, closely followed by stress relief and anxiety.

chart indicating reasons for taking CBD

Why not try incorporating elénzia Pure CBD™ into your daily routine to enhance your inner peace? 

When stressed, we tend to forget the things that make us happy, which adds more pressure, but by actively managing stress levels, we can lead a more fulfilling and meaningful life.
Remember to take small steps each day towards finding joy and treat yourself with kindness and compassion.

#ACTNOW on your stress management by prioritising your wellbeing and embracing the joys of life.

Further resources on stress management include:
NHS – Mental Health
NHS – Every Mind Matters
Mind – Information Support
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