Introducing elénzia’s Ingredients for Life™

Ingredients for Life™ by elénzia is a mobile app designed and developed to gather first-hand consumer feedback on the efficacy of elénzia’s nutritional supplements. Join the app to take part in our exiting research and learn how and if our products benefit you.

It’s fun, free and easy to sign up and take part in our research. With your help the app will take you on a journey through different consumer trials, on different supplements, collecting and sharing information with you about trends and patterns. What’s more, you get to try our supplements for free.

Download the app today to start your free trial of elénzia Enhance™, a nutritional supplement developed with targeted ingredients to boost your memory and attention and reduce your brain fog. Join the trial to experience how elénzia Enhance™ may benefit your lifestyle. Use the code ‘enhanceweb‘ to join the trial.

The Ingredients for Life™ app is a fun and interesting way for you to trial selected elénzia supplements. You will be interested to understand how they can improve your lifestyle, and the app will take you on a journey to reveal changes to your daily wellbeing. The trials are easy to complete, don’t impact on your everyday life and the app provides you with clear feedback on your results.

It’s fun and free to take part in an Ingredients for Life™ trial. There are no costs involved in completing any of the Ingredients for Life™ trials! The app is free to download, compatible with IOS and Android, and we’ll send you supplements directly to you. We want to make it as simple as possible for you to take part in a trial, and we’ll be available to answer any questions you may have throughout the duration of your trial.

At the end of each trial you complete you will receive a personalised report to see your results and find out how elénzia nutritional supplements has changed your lifestyle and wellness. You will also receive exclusive discounts off your next purchase at elénzia to say thank you for taking part in the trial.

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