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4 Ways to Achieve Wellness

The Wellness Journey

Our diet, lifestyle, relationships, and work-life balance influence our state of mind. When any one of these factors becomes unbalanced, they become unhealthy, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope.

The recent pandemic and subsequent lockdown periods have not helped with keeping a balance. Issues such as panic buying, travel restrictions and not being able to meet with friends and family contribute to heightened levels of anxiety. One survey conducted in the UK found over 69% of adult respondents were feeling somewhat or very worried about the effect COVID is having on their life. One of the most common issues impacting wellbeing is feeling stressed or anxious, this affected 56% of respondents.

The new routine of working from home presents several problems. In fact, one common misconception is that having no commute is one of the biggest benefits of working from home. This is not the case. The same busy work schedule with no commute means a work-life balance is harder for us to achieve. Recent research by Microsoft found that a commute helped to mentally transition workers to and from work. The absence of structure and no wind down can impact wellbeing and productivity, leading to the ‘faux commute’ to help create boundaries to reach this balance.

No matter what our round-the-clock lifestyles and adapting to the ‘new normal’ looks like, the result remains the same, we end up being overburdened and stressed out. And when our mind suffers, so does our emotional, social, and occupational wellness.

Well… What is Wellness?

Wellness is defined as a state of good health that we proactively and continuously endeavour to achieve. Wellness is holistic and all-encompassing. Wellness is multi-dimensional, and most models include the following dimensions: Physical, Emotional, Occupational, Intellectual, Social, Environmental and Spiritual.

People are seeking out holistic solutions. A more natural approach is enticing consumers who are striving to achieve wellness.


4 Ways to Achieve Wellness

1. Skin Care Rituals = Self-Care

To achieve holistic wellness, we have seen an increase in skin care rituals to manage mental wellbeing. Mintel found that the reason for 45% of U.K. 16- to 34-year-olds increasing their beauty rituals during the pandemic was to decrease their stress or anxiety.

These rituals are also linked to relaxation with a focus on winding down after the working day, marking the start of some me-time in the evening. This trend is also impacted by the increased desire to wear less make-up when working from home and have healthy skin in e-meetings.

Read the Full Article Here


2. Let’s Get Physical!

More time during lockdown and gym closures has inspired us to be more active. Fitbit data found that the lockdown saw a global increase in both stress-reducing activities and exercises that we don’t need access to a gym to participate in.

This has shifted from the first lockdown where initially research in June 2020 found step count lowered and active minutes had risen. Since June, active minutes have fallen but Fitbit users are engaging with more stress managing activities.




3. Being Mindful

Being present in the moment has seen an increased interest in 2020.

With more time on our hands during lockdown we have turned to meditation for stress management. Fitbit data found that partaking in meditation saw an increase of 2900% worldwide. This trend is also being brought more to the forefront with developments like the collaboration between streaming giant Netflix and Headspace to create a series to benefit our minds.




4. Healthy body, healthy mind

To improve our mood in stressful times we need all the help we can get, starting our wellness journey by restoring balance.

A popular dietary supplement people are turning towards on their journey to wellness is Cannabidiol (CBD). CBD can nourish the mind and body by interacting with our endocannabinoid system. We all have an endocannabinoid system in our body which impacts our physical and mental wellbeing. CBD binds with our inner receptors positioned throughout the endocannabinoid system helping restore our body to a balanced state.



The Rise of CBD

CBD is one of the most exciting wellness solutions to emerge in the past 10 years and its benefits frequently make headlines. CBD is well known by consumers to have broad therapeutic effects. A Nutrition Business Journal survey found that consumer awareness of CBD increased from 47% in 2018 to 70% in 2019 and continues to go from strength to strength.

CBD is one of the most mentioned health trends on social media globally. According to research by Babylon Health, it also has the most research behind it in comparison to other popular wellness trends like ‘clean beauty’ and ‘holistic healing’.

Social media offers insights of anecdotal evidence on therapeutic purposes of CBD directly from users. One study collected and analysed all comments from the CBD subreddit posted between January 1 and April 30, 2019 and comments submitted to the FDA regarding regulation of cannabis-derived products. It found that of all comments posted to the CBD subreddit during the monitored time span, 6.19% mentioned anxiety indicating there is a growing link in our minds between CBD and its positive effects on anxiety.

Read the Full Study Here

While the science is in its infancy, CBD is safe to consume and research is finding positive results for a broad spectrum of health concerns. Evidence is growing, with the number of scientific studies increasing year-on-year on PubMed. A review published in 2020 reviewed 76 articles of research into CBD, both reviews and human intervention studies, conducted in 2019 and 2020. The review found that of those studies focused on anxiety and stress, more than 70% showed positive outcomes.

Read the Full Article Here



CBD Vs. Meditation

CBD has overtaken meditation… in terms of Google Searches. Meditation is an established method to benefit our mental wellbeing. Google searches for ‘Meditation’ when lockdown kicked in saw a rise which has since dropped off whereas CBD continues to reach new heights. Searches for ‘CBD’ rose from less than a mere curiosity to an ingredient with increasing public interest. They spiked in 2018 when CBD started to become more mainstream. Since then, it has only exceeded expectations with consumers increasingly searching for CBD.

Why choose CBD?

Meditating is more difficult than it seems, and it takes time to really be an effective strategy. CBD provides a more convenient 21st century solution than meditation and delivers quicker results. CBD can also benefit your lifestyle in many different ways.

Why not make your own evening CBD ritual?! One example could be to incorporate mindfulness by the mindful consumption of CBD by way of sublingual consumption. You will find your sublingual gland under the tongue, hold the CBD oil there for 60 seconds before swallowing. Use these 60 seconds to be mindful and be in the present.

This also benefits the efficacy of the CBD as the CBD compounds are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Because sublingual consumption is more direct, it impacts the body faster than oral consumption and maintains higher availability, only being degraded by enzymes in the mouth’s saliva.

This ensures maximum benefit – consuming the CBD in a highly efficacious way, incorporating some mindfulness into your day and achieving meditation from a bottle.

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World Sleep Day – How to improve your sleep

As we head towards sunnier days and lighter evenings, that also means that we will be “springing forward” as the clocks change, which might negatively impact your sleep. On this year’s World Sleep Day, we’re looking at some tips to sleep better to ensure your wellness isn’t affected by this change.

Sleep is impacted by the clocks changing. A study found that on Mondays directly after springing into Daylight Saving Time, employees slept on average 40 minutes less.

Getting more sleep is a top goal for consumers in 2021, with 87% agreeing that sleep is an important contributor to their physical well-being, and 86% agreeing the same for their mental well-being. COVID-19 has resulted in two-thirds of Britons experiencing a deterioration in sleep quality since the first lockdown.

In addition, 56% of UK adults are unsatisfied with the amount of sleep they get which drives interest in sleep aids. According to Euromonitor in 2019, the global retail value of sleep aids reached around $3 billion.

5 ways to sleep better and minimise the impact of clock change


1. Get Outside and Exercise

Exercise is scientifically proven to improve your sleep quality. Spring is a great time to invest in a new outdoor workout regime.

Why not try elénzia Endurance for an added boost of energy to maximise your workout time.


2. Switch off those Screens

Data has shown that reading a book is a key strategy to getting better sleep. Eliminate pre-bed screen time by swapping your phone for a relaxing book.

Here’s the Research


3. Zen Your Bedroom

Bedrooms should be reserved for sleep. Create a sanctuary with calming colours, low light, comfortable bedding, and the perfect temperature – keeping it at around 18.3 degrees Celsius!


4. Regime and Ritual

Sleep is facilitated by having the same sleep and wake-up time each day. Couple this with a calming routine of quiet time, bathing and skincare.

Skincare routines are the perfect way of setting the time aside each evening to relax. Research by Estée Lauder found that sleep deprived people appear to be less healthy and less attractive compared to when they are well rested. Not only will a good skincare routine using clinically proven products reduce physical signs of being tired, such as dark circles, but incorporating it into your pre-bedtime relaxation will help you get a better night’s sleep and therefore look more rested.

See our Skincare Routine blog post here



5. Try CBD

Try out CBD as research shows its benefit for sleep quality. Research also shows CBD may have added benefits by improving causes of sleeplessness like anxiety or chronic pain.

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