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Our 6 Step Wellness Cycle

August 31st said goodbye to wellness month but we want to keep the discussion going on why focusing on wellness all year round should take priority and how it can be incorporated into your day-to-day life.

The pursuit of wellness is one of the most important and rewarding endeavours you can embark upon. Living in a state of wellness can dramatically improve your relationships, happiness, and overall sense of meaning in this world.

But why do we find it so hard to achieve? Or once we do, why is it so hard to hold on to?

Wellness does not happen overnight. There is no magic button you can press or pill you can take. It starts within you. It starts in the mind and results in the body, and we want to share with you the holistic wellness equation to achieving eudaimonia:

healthy habits + precision nutrition = eudaimonia

Eudaimonia stands for human flourishing, a contented state of being happy, healthy and prosperous. In simple terms this means reaching a state of sustained, lifelong, holistic wellness. elénzia is here to help with achieving and sustaining eudaimonia, holistically.

If you’ve read our previous blog on wellness “four ways to achieve wellness” you’ll be familiar with how the elénzia approach is a holistic approach to supporting your wellness goals. Your journey to wellness following this equation is possible with our support, the precision nutrition we offer and simplified efficacious guidance.

What do we mean by a holistic approach and why is it necessary for sustaining eudaimonia?

By ‘holistic you’ we mean your approach should be all-encompassing – we are intimately interconnected and only by treating the entire you, considering mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of weakness or limitations, will you reach a state of eudaimonia.

We believe that only by achieving this holistically can you sustain it in the long-term, reaching your state of eudaimonia and being your best you.


The elenzia wellness cycle

To inform you on how we can support this lifelong wellness journey for now and the future, we’ve created the elénzia wellness cycle, showing how our precision nutrition range can enhance your mental and physical functioning holistically.

This is based on the science of the natural circadian rhythm, meaning our body’s natural connection with light. This is how humans have evolved to become active during the day and naturally crave sleep during the night. We are all different, however, meaning you need to decide where wellness fits in with your routine and how you can maintain those healthy habits.


1. Kick-start your day and enhance your brain

Holistically kick-start your mental clarity and improve your natural alertness to prepare your mind for the day ahead.

Around 7am our sleep hormones aka melatonin turn off and alert hormones, aka Cortisol the stressor hormone, turns on.

elénzia Enhance™ can help the brain holistically process this stress hormone and prepare the mind to think clearly, recalling information and reacting to the tasks ahead (2,3)


2. Reduce the impact of stress on your immune system

Holistically process your stress hormones to a manageable state so that adrenaline doesn’t impact your immune function for the rest of the day ahead.

Around 11am our stressor hormones are meant to fade off, elénzia Immunity™ contains botanicals shown by research to help reduce acute stress, which is the kind of stress you feel before you are about to present or when you have a deadline to meet.

The formulation of elénzia Immunity™ helps you to bring your cortisol levels down holistically. This improves immune function combined with clinically trialled nutrients required for a healthy immune system (2,4).


3. Boost your overall skin health with hydration & protection against UVA and UVB

Holistically process your stress hormones to a manageable state so that adrenaline doesn’t impact your immune function for the rest of the day ahead. Enhance your topical skin care by providing your body with clinically proven inner protection to support your skin’s defences from pollution and UV rays, with additional essential nutrients for improved collagen production to reduce signs of skin ageing.

Ensure your lunch contains efficient proteins to sustain balanced blood sugars and satiety, combined with elénzia Skin™ to help protect, repair, and hydrate your skin for the day (5,6).

Supplement elénzia Endurance™ to prepare the liver for the processing of nutrients and their conversion into energy and balanced blood sugar levels (7).


4. Restore your body, gut and collagen

Holistically support the muscle and skin reparation from the intense day whilst simultaneously preparing for the next.

Our muscle strength and cardiovascular efficiency is suggested to peak around 5pm. If you’re an after work active, take elénzia Restore™ before or just after your workout and help the body to restore the collagen for repair and skin hydration (8).


5. Eliminate stress and have a moment of zen

Holistically improve your sleep duration and sleep quality with the combination of the entire elénzia holistic lifestyle nutrition range, creating a zen moment with elénzia Pure CBD™.

Around 9pm the sleep hormone melatonin is released, and after a long day our central nervous system (CNS) can often need help slowing down.

CBD is clinically proven to improve SLEEP TIME (9), and when combined with the sustained effects of saffron within elénzia Immunity™, is clinically proven to improve SLEEP QUALITY (10).

Due to the active effect of CBD on the CNS and the reduced level of stressor hormones left over in your body, the synergy of elénzia PURE CBD™ and elénzia Immunity™ improves how long and how well you sleep.

The beauty of it is, these supplements can be taken at different times across the same day, because unlike a sleeping pill, they are not intended to have an immediate sleep effect.


6. Aim for 8 hours of sleep, ready for the cycle to start again

8 hours of sleep makes you more efficient and alert to sustain being the best version of yourself.

When we sleep, the body and brain clear out harmful toxins, your mind organises new information and solidifies new memories, your muscles repair, collagen restores itself and your liver rejuvenates itself.

Remember we are all different so the timings of each step may differ for you, however, the key points to consider are the holistic factors they support. Whether your rise ‘n’ shine pattern is 9, 10, or 11am, look and consider how you can take on a holistic wellness approach and how this would benefit you…

Like Oscar Wilde says: “Be yourself; everybody else is already taken”…